Shop & Rent

To rent or purchase any of these items, please call or text 206-261-2312.  Inquiries responded to Monday-Friday.  For urgent needs, please call 206-340-7467.

We accept cash or credit card payments.

Rent a Birth Tub

Rent the Birth Tub in a Box Eco regular or mini size.  A kit comes with the rental complete with everything you need for your waterbirth, including a one-time use liner for the pool.  $150.  You pick up and return to our office.

Purchase a Birth Kit

We offer birth kits for sale.  You pick up from our office.  Please click here for list of contents. $55.00

Rent a Baby Scale

We rent out a high quality Seca Baby Scale to families who need to monitor intake/output and growth on a daily basis.  The scale has a  Breast-Milk-Intake-Function which determines how much milk the baby has consumed. The robust but lightweight scale is easy to transport; self-explanatory buttons make it simple to operate.  The cost is $35 per week.

Vitamins, Supplements, and Herbs we Carry

These are for sale in our office, we do not ship.  Contact Us to arrange for pick up.

Thorne Brand

Basic Prenatal $20

Ferrasord $15

5MTHF (Folic Acid) $15

Methylcobalimine (bio active B12) $15

Liquid D/K2 $20

Manuka Therapy Cream $12

Dermal Matrix Unscented lotion $15

Douglas Labs

CranMax $20

Garlic $14

Prenatal Multivitamin $20

Liquid cal/Mag $25