Acute Care During Pregnancy

9A-FotoliaQuestions or Concerns? Not feeling well? Would you like to hear the baby’s heart beat? Just want to touch base with a provider between your OB appointments? We happily provide acute care so that you can address your concerns in a timely manner or share the joy of hearing the baby’s heart beat or learning more about the baby’s position with a partner, spouse, or grandparent-to-be.

No question is too small, no concern (even the little feeling in your gut!) needs to go unattended.

  • DSHS/Apple Health, major insurance companies accepted
  • If there is an emergency, as always, please call 911 for immediate help

Hours:  Flexible, weekend and evenings are available. Please contact us to schedule.

Please note that quality prenatal care changes outcomes, and we welcome mothers regardless of their ability to pay for care.  Just let us know what works for you.

Visits to shelters, homes for women, and your house are available for women with transportation or scheduling difficulties.