Jodilyn Owen, LM, CPM


I am passionate about mothers, babies, families, and building communities.  I am the founder of Essential Birth & Family Center and co-founder of the Rainier Valley Community Clinic.  I am author of the Essential Homebirth Guide and speaker at birth and community-based healtcare related conferences. 

My midwifery care centers around:

  • Meeting families where they are at and building a trusting relationship through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period
  • Welcoming babies in an environment of gentle and skilled care
  • Working collaboratively with a community of caregivers to provide wrap-around care for every mother
  • Connecting expecting mothers and fathers with each other to help build a sense of community
  • Providing Early, Often, and Easy to Access perinatal care
  • Prompt, reliable, extraordinary customer service

I started my birth career as a doula, attending hundreds of births over the years.  My work as a doula informs who I am as a midwife.  I spent years watching providers talk to expecting families and engage and touch mothers and babies during care, but I viewed it all through the lens of the family.  These experiences imprinted upon me a strong understanding of how very much every word, every decision, and every touch matter. My words and actions as a provider are carefully chosen to meet what I believe creates healthy partnership in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. I start with kindness, act in gentleness, and respect parents as the first best experts on their health, bodies, and babies. I bring my skills and knowledge to the midwifery care I provide, and love to learn about the ways that women come into their mother-selves, and families come into being.

I am currently on hiatus from practicing midwifery in Washington State. Please schedule an appointment with my trusted colleagues by clicking the orange button below.

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